Goodbye Current…Hello Next Chapter!

IMG_1316 When you reflect on life, there are those few moments that you can pinpoint as distinct game changers. For me, the top three are:

#1. At age 20 leave NYC. Stop pursuing acting career after realizing I don’t want to spend my life speaking other people’s words, because I want to speak my own.

#2. Upon realizing my life purpose involves being committed to healing the planet, I became a wilderness rehab counselor with the firm belief that we cannot ask people to heal an ailing planet if we cannot heal ourselves.

#3. After participating in the largest (at that time) organized protest on the planet, and seeing nothing but a few incorrect statistics and lame reporting on the back pages of the New York Times (this was before the era of new media) I decided I wanted to be the storyteller rather than rely on others to get it right.

I mention these because today I am faced with a game changing moment. Yesterday I learned that is changing direction, and will stop producing original content on channels that are not affiliated with their TV franchises. So I say goodbye to the green channel which I helped create, to an online community I have become endeared to, and to a platform I believe in. Luckily, I’m a firm believer that change is for the better. No really, I tattooed it to my body during another crucial time of change (true confession, I was 19 at the time, but I still love that tattoo).

The way I see it, the experience provides me an opportunity to walk the talk. Embracing change, not resisting transition, not staying stagnant, being true to the truth, flexibility, committing to transformation, these are the key ingredients to living on a sustainable planet. The changes in our economy, to our work lives, to the way we live and depend upon each other are changing as we learn (or relearn) about the requirements of living sustainably. Changing what we know, leaving what is safe, being open to new opportunities (sometimes in unexpected places from unexpected people) that is how we will find, create, and develop new innovative ways to live on the planet.

In other words, I am thankful for this opportunity for movement, and for the new opportunity to clarify my new focus. The past two and half years at Current have been amazing, and it was an honor to work in the media, and at a place that attracted  some of the hardest working, committed, decent, and caring people I know.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to reconnecting with the earth I talk so much about, and am looking forward to finding new opportunities to herald the belief that thriving on a sustainable planet is still possible. I am giddy with excitement to continue my crazy project of removing 560 pounds of garbage out of the ocean by hand. It would seem there is no better time than the present than to complete the novel I have committed to completing by March. Oh yes, and I’m sure I’ll get sucked into some new media consulting gigs. :)

I’ll continue twittering about, you can follow (and join) the garbage project on Facebook, and my friend Julie inspired a weekly newsletter when she asked, “I want to know who has the hope, the plan, the way out. If there is one. What is it?” So every week I send a newsletter to my personal network with links to some of the key environmental stories. If interested, you’ll find the info on the top right side of my blog.

Meanwhile, what better way than to end one chapter and begin the next with one of my favorite quotes of all time:

“Nothing that is worth doing can be achieved in a lifetime, therefore

we must be saved by hope.

Nothing which is true or beautiful or good makes complete sense in any immediate context of history; therefore we must be saved by faith.

Nothing we do, however virtuous, can be accomplished alone, therefore

we must be saved by love.”

-Reinhold Niebuhr

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14 Responses to Goodbye Current…Hello Next Chapter!

  1. Keep up the healing Leah. Inspire us.

  2. Coco says:

    Lovely Leah. Miss you -

  3. Danny says:

    I heard the news today, oh boy (ok, sorry…quoting the Beatles). I will continue to follow you regardless of your corporate platform!

  4. Romi says:

    Love and Support to you powerful woman. ANything you set your mind and heart to will yield bounty and healing.

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  6. Saskia says:

    Excited to see what you do next, Ms. Lamb. Your mission lives on.

  7. Dan Martell says:

    Hey Shorty! I’m excited for you … can’t wait to sync up and hear the details. Let me know if I can hep.

  8. Ronnie says:

    Really inspirational. Best of luck to you.

  9. Andy says:

    Leah, this is a beautiful essay and reflection. And amazing quote at the end. I look forward to seeing how the rest of the story unfolds. It only gets better!

  10. Adam Shake says:

    Congratulations Leah. The only constant in life is change. Embrace it, revel in it. Grow, learn, experience. We’ll support you every endeavor. Your one of my favorites!

  11. Laurie says:

    Leah, You are truly inspirational. Glad that I caught this on your gmail tag actually! Looking forward to the book you are finishing. I am living in the East Bay now so lets us hook up before I dive into my own next challenge. Transition year for many. Peace.

  12. Bruce says:

    Congratulations Leah. The only constant in life is change. Embrace it, revel in it. Grow, learn, experience. We’ll support you every endeavor. Your one of my favorites!

  13. Edwas says:

    ЎUf, me gustу! Tan clara y positiva.


  14. Amy says:

    Congratulations Leah. The only constant in life is change. Embrace it, revel in it. Grow, learn, experience. We’ll support you every endeavor. Your one of my favorites!

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